Once you have found your area of installation on the wind chart, check the legend to find the average wind speed in your area.
This will help you figure out if the pole you have chosen can withstand the average wind speed in your area.
Remember, If you find the flagpole you have chosen on our web site does not handle the wind speed in your area, we have many more flagpoles in all sizes that are not listed & can handle your application.

Just email us or give us a toll free call!
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Once you've determined the appropriate height of the flagpole, refer to the wind speed map. The velocity recorded are isotach values, not just values. Maximum gust values for which these poles are designed are considerably greater than the isotach values. It is important to recognize that there are some locations where unusual local wind conditions exist and they are not shown.

The wind velocity and flag size ratings used in the above chart and on our descriptions page are based upon the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers' Guide Specifications for the Design of Metal Flagpoles, NAAMM Standard FP-1001-07.

Any questions you may have about Wind Speeds please contact us. We are here to help.



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