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The 2019 Holiday Season is Here!
The waiting is over.

The Flagpole Company is proud to introduce

Our Led 20ft Flagpole Christmas Tree
Conversion Kit!

The Beautiful Design is unparalleled to other kit's found on the market.
You truly have to see it to really appreciate it's beauty!

Quality is top priority, giving you not only a design but time tested products that truly last!

The Flagpole Christmas Tree that converts your 20ft flagpole into the most realistic tree on the market.

This design carries its led lights in a traditional side to side, back and forth direction as if the lights are suspended on a beautiful traditional Evergreen Pine Tree giving you a realistic beautiful display.

Now customers in the Northern and Southern United States can transform their flagpole into a beautiful Realistic Christmas Tree in any geographical area in the USA.

Backed by a Manufacture 1 year warranty and utilizes the Latest "NEW" Improved Sealed LED Lights that can be found on high quality Christmas tree Lights!

We have spared no expense in providing you a top quality, realistic, everlasting, easy to assemble Flagpole Conversion Christmas Tree that you can use year after year.

In Stock!

All Electrical Items (Flagpole Christmas Trees & All Light Fixtures)
removed from their original packaging are non returnable.
Please know the correct size needed for your application prior to placing an order.
If you have questions please call us, we can help figure out what you need.

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